Meet Sneha


Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, University of Leicester, UK, 2002

Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education, University of Bedfordshire, 2010

Sneha works at Primary's Maroubra Medical and Dental Centre, NSW Australia.

"Hello. I'm Sneha Wadhwani.

"Life working in the NHS in the UK meant constant juggling between my children, husband and my job. My kids saw relatively little of me and what they did see was a very tired, overworked and undernourished version of me.

"My work was getting the best of me and my family was getting the leftovers.

"So I started looking at my options and Australia it was! I needed to work in the city due to my husband's job in media and Primary offered me a DWS exemption under academic terms which allowed me to do this. So I started my Primary journey in 2015.

"Before Primary, I have worked in paediatrics, obstetrics, gynaecology, accident and emergency and urogynaecology. It is great because at Primary I have still been able to pursue those interests. One of my proudest achievements is having opened a private women's health clinic in my centre.

"With Primary, I've enjoyed the flexibility and the ability to diversify, to pursue my interest in women's health, to work within defined hours and also have the time for other personal interests including yoga, cooking and travelling.

"I have been able to accomplish so much, all while being able to be present for my children at school pick up and most weekends.

"I look forward to speaking to you about how Primary Health Care has helped me fulfil my ambitions and perhaps, yours as well."