The Barefoot GP Mission

"To provide a best-in-class and enjoyable Australian experience"

With years of experience in Australian healthcare, we see time and time again the difficulties and stresses associated with practicing in Australia - even if you are more than qualified professionally, it can be a tough and testing at times (especially if you are overseas trained and looking to adventure out for the first time).

We want to make this easier! Starting your Australian adventure and practicing medicine under the Australian sun should be a thing to be enjoyed - not feared.

This is why Barefoot GP exists - to make things easy and to give those eligible a uniquely Australian experience without all the stress.

With Barefoot GP, you'll know where you're going, you'll know where you're staying, you'll have a plan, you'll enjoy guaranteed income, you'll get access to exclusive learning materials and most importantly, you'll have the time to adventure beyond the Medical Centre to enjoy everything Australia has to offer.

We are here to support you all the way!